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Is Your Computer Network Ready for the Peak of Hurricane Season?

... The Rain from Imelda is Here, But That's Not All.

1. Define your critical assets. In disaster recovery planning for your business network, your office media player might not be mission critical, but your data server sure is. Document the following: mission critical servers and workstations, computer account passwords, Internet account passwords, database account passwords, and key vendor contact information.

2. Determine your recovery window. The recovery window is how long it takes you to recover from a catastrophic event. If you want to be able to be fully operational at a different site one day after a catastrophic event at your main location, you will need to create a comprehensive plan and/or work with an IT team for guidance and expertise.

3. Define your recovery solutions. It is possible that different IT functions within your organization may require different recovery windows. For example, you likely need your mail server up and running well before your office printer. So the backup option chosen for your mail server would be a full server-backup with off-site replication. For the office printer, you can purchase a new one as time allows after your mission critical apps are restored.

4. Draft a plan. Once you've discussed and reviewed the above with all stakeholders, put the plan in writing. Keep it simple, however and stick to the mission critical elements only.

5. Establish a communications plan. Now that you have your preparedness plan, share it. Assume you won't be available the day in question. Assign responsibilities and share the plan with all employees and team members.

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